Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Day 10: The Red Light District

Amsterdam is notorious for its legalized prostitution and marijuana. The place where these two come together in sinful harmony is DA WALLEN, more famously known as the Red Light District.

Prostitution started in the area because Da Wallen used to be a port. Think Fantine!

I didn't get to take decent pictures because the place is dark. Furthermore, it's also not allowed to take photos of the girls in their rooms.

Obviously I'm not  an expert on this subject matter. Neither have I enjoyed the pleasure of their services. So take post with a grain of salt.

The average cost of a 15-20 minute service is 40-50€. These prostitutes operate like Cebu Pacific with a lot of +++. If you want to take the back door route, +30 . If you want to kiss her on the mouth that'll be another 20€.

I read up that they can normally entertain 8-10 clients and can make a minimum nett profit of 75€ a night. In Romania a girl can make 150€ a month  as a waitress. Even if you're not a math whiz, you can see that prostitution can be a profitable career option.

In the Netherlands, prostitution is legal. The prostitute pay taxes. Infact the last issue they had was them requesting for the same pension as the soccer players.

A prostitute must first register herself as a company. She is considered as self-employed. As a company, she can then rent a room. 

Her room is technically considered as her commercial space. This is the very room where she advertises her goods and the same room where she does the doodie.

(Photo from Flickr)

If I were a prostitute, I will ensure that I have a relevant and a clear set of 6Ps. Afterall, competition is tough with the girls just right beside each other. 

If you are planning to go to Amsterdam, I suggest you get a walking tour in the red light district. These tours are said to be led by former sex trade workers. It should be interesting.

If you're a guy and wants to know how to avail their services, check out

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