Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Singapore Airlines: A Great Way To Start Our Honeymoon

My favorite carrier is Singapore Airlines.  

When I was still a useful and earning citizen,  I used to travel every month for work. I gave a very literal meaning to the phrase "living out of my suitcase." 

I flew so often that I actually thought my ex and I were okay. In hindsight,we were okay because we only saw each other for a few weeks each month. 

Anyway, I digress!!!

Before the 2008 recession, my colleagues and I  flew business class for all flights that took 4 hrs and above. And for someone like me, who came from a small town, flying business onboard the Airbus A380 made me feel I have made it in life!  For real! Yeah! I also felt the same way about Starbucks then.  Hahaha! Ang babao pero totoo!

 (Note: I will copy my entry in Livejournal about my SQ Airbus A-380 Business Class Experience and post it here. Gone are those days...) 

Flying economy isn't so bad either. Actually,  I flew economy most of the time because my usual business route was SG-MLA. 

C'mon!! Look at the beverage menu for economy!

The SQ flight attendants are always very polite and friendly. I have yet to meet a cranky SINGAPORE GIRL.

Needless to say, after many flights, I fell inlove with Singapore Airlines. I can't memorize my own landline number but I know my Kris Flyer ID by heart.

Sadly, I have stopped traveling since I moved back to the Philippines and more so after I retired and became a housewife.   When my status expired, I seriously felt bad. It didn't help that all my brother said to console me was .."It's the end of an era. You had fun."

I miss Singapore Airlines very much

For my honeymoon, I decided to use my last remaining award miles. Given that I was technically flying for free, my options for flying dates were limited. Initially, I was supposed to leave earlier than my husband and stay in Singapore for 3 days...longest layover ever.

When we viewed our seats online, S and I were seated far away from each other  because we booked separately. Every seat was taken! 

So, I called  SQ to ask if they could sit us beside each other for the longer leg of the trip, because it is our honeymoon. I shared with the customer service rep, Felicia, why I had no choice but to fly ahead of my husband. I told her that  after 3 days of being away from from each other, I wish to sit beside him. 

Sappy!!! Hormones lang po.

OMG! The next day, a lady named IVY called me and told me that she could move my first flight and she would sit me beside my husband. I was so happy!!!  

Then, Felicia called me again and told me if I wanted Honeymoon Cake! I was totally floored. I mean where else can you get a service like this!

Our flight was delayed but the Singapore Airlines crew treated us like hotel guests while we were waiting for clearance to take off.

What a great way to start our long over due honeymoon.



P.S. I just realized now that I used to be really agitated/stressed during my many flights. Now that I'm flying with someone, I am enjoying being in long haul flights. There is really a huge difference between business and pleasure trips, noh?


  1. Hi, I stumbled on your blog while searching on Fil-Chi traditions. Could you let me know more about Fil-chi family values? I am Singaporean-Chi and am facing difficulties with a Fil-Chi relationship -- his parents believe that our values don't match. But my partner finds it difficult to describe what values they are.

    1. Usually it's the Chi in the fil-chi that has issues :)

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    1. Thanks Fran!!!! Grabe super late!!!!!

  3. I think the only time I flew SG was in 2009 for the F1 where I snagged their blanket. I only discovered years later that it was a Givenchy!! Soshal!!

    Ok lang late ang honeymoon - kami nga ni Paget eh going 6 year and WALANG honeymoon!! Grrr...