Sunday, 5 April 2015

Our First Lent and Easter

My sacrifice for the Holy Week-end was to go offline. I feel I am getting attached/addicted to my Ipad. So for 3 nights, I kept my Ipad hidden in our storage.

During the 3 days that I was offline, I did all the traditional Lenten traditions with my husband. It was our first Lent as a married couple. 

Thursday, we did Via Cruses ( Stations of the Cross), Visita Iglesia (Visiting 7 churches). 
Friday, we watched THE BIBLE and went to church around 11 pm for Du-aw (Visiting the dead Jesus)!
Saturday, we attended the 3 hour Easter Vigil Mass.
Today-I prepared for 6 Easter eggs and hid them around the house for S  to find.

You know,over the Holy Week, I prayed that if it will take us a while to have a baby...

May our love for each other develop and grow, as we patiently wait for whatever HIS plans are.

I told S, "We don't have to wait for a baby to start our traditions". 

In fact, even it's just the 2 of us for now, we have celebrated Holloween, Thanksgiving,  Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and now Lent and Easter.

I told him..."We are complete. You and I, we are complete. A baby is a blessing but not a necessity for us to be complete."

It was really one of the best weekends ever. It was quiet, simple and peaceful.

Well, Happy Easter Y'all!

 Back to Chaos,



  1. Thank you, I love the message I got from this. I hope that you and your other half will receive good news in the short run, it will most likely be a girl ;) I saw this on another page but I couldn't find it so I searched it and saw this on another site

    Its based on the Chinese age of the wife, lunar calendar (+1 for me).

    1. Oh wow thanks! Sometimes, I also feel lazy to make a baby. Hahaha, so I guess even prayers can't help if that's the case,
      I really feel that a couple needs to feel complete. I believe having baby is about having so much love to share that you need more people to receive the love. I don't think a baby is to fill a gap. The thing is, in Asian culture, people around you always ask.... And the questions make the couple feel inadequate if they don't have a child.

    2. Yeah exactly, Asian culture: there's good and there's bad. Well you could always adopt, that's a lot more common now, was talking to my gf before about babies and started thinking what if.. But yeah adoption is another choice. Not having a baby is the second choice, maybe its just not the right time yet. There's always stories about couple not being able to and then boom late 30s or even 40s well you'll see.

      Going visit Manilla soon, well Cavite. Meeting my ldr gf. Any ideas for surprising a Filipina? More importantly, gifts for her family and extended family? Thanks.

    3. Cavite is a bit far from the city but close to Tagaytay.

      My reco are quite basic since I am not too familiar with the south. Makati, Chinatown and Iloilo are areas I know by heart.

      Here are my top 3 activities in the South.
      - book brunch at Antonio's
      - book a spa date at Sonia's
      - visit Batangas beaches...acquatico is quite nice.

      Gifts for family?
      -BRANDED Bags for the momma and Titas!
      -chocolates for the nephews and nieces
      - dads are tricky, I dunno about this!

      Have fun!

    4. By branded I mean just even local brands of the place you come from. No need to be super expensive or luxurious!

    5. Thank you for the recommendations! Much appreciated :)