Saturday, 11 April 2015

Love and Hate

Dear Husband,

Right now I really hate you for putting me in this mess.

But I love you despite your stupid mistake.

In as much as I want to whack you now,  I can't because I love you and I can only think of hugging you. 

In your moment of weakness, I see a boy.  

It's okay.'s better than the asshole you normally are when you are victorious. 

Love Wife


So now we switch from honeymoon mode to amazing race mode.

For those who wants to know the pickle I am in, this really needs to be discussed over coffee. Scrap that! Over wine!

I have poured my heart out to (idid) now I don't want to talk about it. Happy thoughts na.

Drink na. Please drink na.

Fucked up abroad,



  1. N years from now, this will just be a funny memory :)

    Hope everything works out.

  2. It will be a funny story you can retell FOREVER!! :)

    Glad it all worked out!!

    O diba?