Wednesday, 8 April 2015

MOVIES: The Judge and This Is Where I Leave You

I rarely watch movies in the theater because movies too expensive nowadays. If and when I do watch, I make sure that the movies are worth their 300 pesos price tag.

 To make sure, I ask Cher Cabula for her opinion. Cher is a Philippine based movie critic/blogger/ interior designer/ calligrapher. 

Cher recommended 2 movies, which I never got to watch because we missed the showing dates and my husband was too busy to download from the internet. He is also too busy to fix our guest bathroom. 

I won't do reviews because you can visit Cher's blogs for those. But I just have to say that these 2 movies are so powerful, smart and the strong emotions and insights are balanced out with humor. 

Please watch these movies if you have time.

Grabe ang "The Judge". To see the strongest man in your life at his weakest is truly moving. All the water I drank during the flight, came out of my eyes. There was nothing left to pee.

The movie really resonated with my thoughts and validated my fears of the future. So, I won't even write not think about it after posting this.

I told my husband...
" Hay,  finally after 6 months of waiting for my download, I will finally get to watch it here"

and he replied...
"Yeah. I made sure not to download it because you will get to watch it inside the plane."

Winner talaga mga sagot ng asawa ko. Laging may palusot. I really can't get an apology out of him  

Anyway, Thanks Kris World for the awesome movie selection! 



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