Thursday, 30 April 2015

Singapore Airlines: On Board The Airbus A-380 Business Class

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Date of Entry Oct 2011
Sector: SG- SYD
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This is for my brother who is a big fan of aviation.

I love long haul flights.

 A 10-15 hr flight in business class is  a dream come true.

A 10-15 hr flight in economy... good enough if I am travelling with someone I fancy but it is torture if  I'm  traveling solo.

This year, I didn't do a lot of business trips. To date...I only traveled to the Philippines 4x in the last 9 months.

 I will most likely lose my Krisflyer Gold Status this year. I need 50K miles to requalify and to date I  only have 32K miles.

 As such-- its a good time to record my first and (probably) last business class trip this year.

I was lucky enough that I was sent to Australia on board Singapore Airlines' new Airbus A-380. A month after this trip, they made everyone travel economy even for long haul flights.

When I saw my compartment, my heart skipped a beat.
I love the very spacious seats.

I love the very big VOD (Video on Demand) TV

I love that I had my own storage compartment! and selection of magazines.

I love that they served me pre take-off  drinks. That's a  glass of Riesling right there.

Then the highlight of this trip....WORLD CLASS IN-FLIGHT DINING. NO BENTO TRAYS!

I love the entree, Mizuna with marinated scallop and parmesan

I love the mains, which they had to get from first class because I requested very politely for beef.

I love the dessert, macadamia sorbet served with fruit coulis

I love the after-desserts, pralines and coffee 

I love that the coffee never stopped flowing.

So, I had coffee again after an hour.  

All throughout the flight they gave away chips, chocolates and dried fruits

I love 
the movies. I  watched lots and lots of it.

I'm sad to say that ever since I started working for the regional team,  I watched most (if not all) major flicks while I was travelling for a business trip (on economy ofcourse!)

And before landing, I love that they served one last meal.

So there you go! That concludes the account of  my 8 hr flight and everything I love about it.

I ate and drank everything I could! Baboy di ba! Pasensya na. I don't get to travel businessclass kasi e. So I wanted to enjoy every bit of it!
Malay mo last na to.


Last na nga!

Ang mundo ay round,



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