Sunday, 19 April 2015

Commenting On Social Media

In the absence of intonations, facial expressions and hand gestures, we rely on words, punctuation marks and emoticons when we comment in social media.

By putting yourself "out there", you essentially open the doors to haters and other people who may not love you as much as you love yourself. 

Trust me, I get that.

But under normal circumstances, we try our best to be amiable and pleasant on the different social media platforms when we are "engaging" with our online friends

Ofcourse, it depends on your dynamics. There are friends who engage with each other through "OKRAYS". ( What's the English of OKRAY? The closest I can think of is mean girl humor.)

However,  you need to have the intuition to know if a person will be receptive to this type of engagement. 

May mga babaeng bakels talaga na ayaw if sobra kang bait or formal. Pero, kahit sa group na to, hindi pwedeng jokjoks if hindi pa close.

That being said, I find that there are some people who are just very casual with the way they throw their unsolicited comment.  No assessment of the person and their relationship with the person who will be receiving it. 

3 Stories: 


I posted a picture of my dream shoes in my private Livejournal account.
I shared the Louboutins I have dreamt and saved up for the longest time.

G Comments:   Ouch, those look painful...

****If I were to comment on someone else's dream wedding shoes: 
Option A: Silence
Option B: Beautiful
Option C:  Beautiful! But do bring a spare comfy pair just incase your feet hurt.
Bekimon: Ang gondahhh teh, pero baon kang tsinelas! Taas ng heels eh abot na si lord

I posted about attending a  CCF facilitated "Before I Do" workshop. I humbly shared about how S and I fought and how the seminar explained why we act the way we do and how we should improve.

G comments: I'm glad fiancรฉ and I don't fight. 

****If I were to comment on someone's sharing about their learnings:
Option A: Silence
Option B:  We live, we learn. 
Option C:  Please pray, that if in the future we go through a rough patch, we would know what to do. 
Bekimon:  Gorabelles! Push mo yan!

I posted a picture of a mermaid toy I saw at Hamleys at the Fort with this caption,  "I want one! Sadly, we have no bathtub"

G comments: We do!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ ( emoticon of a teary eye, laughing)

****If I were to comment on someone not having what I have...
Option A: Silence
Option B:  Buy and just bring when you go to a hotel.
Option C:  This looks great! I'll get one for my tub ( if you really want to announce  that you have a tub)
Bekimon: Love ko yang mga sirena na yan! 

Ang babaw diba? Pero nakakainis talaga! Well, ganun Talaga! Good thing, we can edit our online. friends with just one click.

I just don't understand why some people could appear so... (fill in the blanks________) online.

Callous daw sabi ni S.

Do you have people like these in your social media circle? How do you react? 




  1. obviously when God started to spread tactfulness around the world, people like "G" above are sound asleep. Don't be bothered by them, more often than not super insecure lang sila :P *hugS*

    1. I forgot to mention. One time she mentioned something about my blog. I was surprised she even reads this so I asked .."ah you read my blog?" To which she replied..."yeah, when I'm taking a crap". I honestly didn't know how to react.

  2. Some people kasi feel the need to put a *presentable* front so that people will get the impression that they're a bit above us. I have been telling you diba? This person is *off* parang naghahanap ng attention. Okay lang sana if may interested malaman ang detalye ng buhay nya eh.. Hahaha!!

    Miss chatting with youuuuuu!!!!

    1. Didi!!! Di na ako uuwi! Nag asawa na ako dito!!!
      Hay reformed Contrabida ako, so I really catch myself when I make a snarky retort. I do nalang what you told me to do na Isulat nalang