Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Singapore Airlines: The Best Way To End My Adventure

I just love this airline!

Upon arrival at the check in counter, the rest of the ground staff had been briefed and were all aware of my situation. 

They have checked with immigration and I was assured that I will have safe travels back to the Philippines.

It was a very smooth and pleasant check-in. 

Upon crossing the final border control, I celebrated with 3 glasses of champagne! 

By the time I was ready to board, I was already too happy from my champagne. 

The kind people at Singapore Airline gave me a great seat on the second level of the my favorite aircraft, the Airbus A-380

Too close to business class! I swear my heart bled a little everytime the curtains were opened and I'd see the people in their very nice compartments. 

I used to be one of those people... 

Oh times have indeed changed. The world is indeed round.

FREE FLOWING Food and Wine and inflight movies kept me awake during the entire 14 hour flight! I watched mostly French and Japanese movies because I don't have access to those. 

Thank You Singapore Airlines. I can't imagine long haul flights without you!



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