Monday, 9 May 2016

The Most Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift

To be honest, my first Mother's Day was not really a big event. 

was (and still am) in confinement. I haven't had a shower in weeks and my food and beverages are still restricted. 

So on my first ever Mother's Day, I ate my lunch alone.

Needless to say, I wasn't exactly in the best and the most appreciative of moods.

The day before Mother's Day, I received flowers from my husband. My first reaction was to ask him, why he got me daisies. 

I actually love daisies but the last time he got me daisies, they arrived wilted and he threw a fit at the florist. The florist had to replace the flowers.  I got two flowers on Valentine's day.

So when I received the delivery, my first reaction was to ask him why he ordered the same thing from the same florist.

My husband frowned and thought I was complaining. I wasn't. I just didn't want him to get stressed yet again.

The daisies were beautiful except for one that had worms. Thank God, he didn't made a big deal out of it again.

On Mother's Day, he got me cookies. They arrived together with my other order from Little Whisk.

By afternoon, he was cranky because of his allergies and I felt quite upset that he wasnot cheering me up on my special day. Instead, he was busy rubbing his eyes.

By evening, I really wanted instant noodles and sprite. I was feeling resentful that on my first Mother's Day I had to eat alone and I had to avoid all the food that I like. 

I truly was a bundle of joy. *sarcasm*

I slept early because I wasn't in the best of moods. 

When I woke up the next day, I found a red box on top of my husband's pillow. Inside was a diamond pendant.

Then I saw a card.  

I knew he wanted to give me this gift earlier but I have this uncanny ability to pre-empt and ruin "special moments."

But the pendant was not the most thoughtful gift that I wanted to share with you.

It's the Mother's Day card!

It has Giuliana's footprint!  My husband is a genius for thinking of it! I thought it was very clever.

So the most thoughful gift was not the flower or the cookies of even the diamond pendant.

 It was the card with my daughter's footprint! I will treasure it forever!

Truly, the best gifts area most often free. 

I don't know why husbands can't do this all the time.

Mind you this principle didn't come naturally to my husband. 

I cried 2 Christmases ago because I didn't receive a card or a gift! Now, I'm not materialistic. Infact, I don't actually wear jewelries.

My husband has this principle : Gifts must be valuable and expensive and they need not be limited to special occasions. Cards and flowers are a waste of money.

I operate on the principle that cards and meaningful things must be given during special days to show your love one that you think of them.  They need not be expensive or valuable. 

Hence, thoughtfulness.

I'm glad he is trying to learn to speak my love language. I still can't speak his language because I don't have the money to buy expensive gifts.

How was your Mother's Day? How did you greet your own moms?



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