Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Diaper Math: Making the Decision to Use LAMPIN and Cloth Diapers

I realize babies are so expensive. Thank God, breastmilk is free! Diapers, however are not and G changes diapers 15 times a day, at the very least. 

Since her father refuses to use cheap brands, she only uses Pampers. Each diaper costs around  8 pesos. Spending on diapers is literally throwing money away.

Here's my diaper math:

15 changes
8 pesos

120 pesos/ day
30 days/month

12 months/ year
43,200 pesos!!!! In diapers for a year!

Because I'm Ilonggo, I'm naturally thrifty  (okay fine! BARAT! ). So, I decided that we should use lampin. As in the white cloth that I used to wear when I was a baby. 

However, the nanny pointed out lampin gets the  crib beddings wet. I suppose that's why my mom used a rubber mat when I was a baby.

She said, we need cloth diapers to keep the lampin in place and to help add more absorption.

We bought the lampin from Rustans for 60 pesos for a dozen. The BABYLEAF diapers we bought from www.milkandhoney.ph for 395 pesos per piece. 
There are so many cute cloth diapers at www.milkandhoney.ph. Here are a few that I love very much.

(I think by now, you notice that I buy a lot of our things from Rustans and at @milkandhoney.ph).

Anyway,  since I have G most of the time, I figured I need to give the nanny something to do otherwise, she may feel lost in her new role. It corporate this is what we call "floating" and this status is demotivating. Washing the lampin and the cloth diapers keeps her occupied.  Occasionally, I would wash the lampin and she would stop me. 

To shift from diapers to cloth diapers, you need the following

-12 pcs Cloth Diapers (atleast)
You don't actually change this all the time. You can change lampin 2-3 times and still use the same cloth diaper provided that the pee or the poop didn't spill. 

Each diaper comes with a free reusable liner and you can buy more liners. I personally prefer lampin. #oldschool.

395 php x 12 pcs=  4,740 pesos

- 3 dozen lampins

60x 3= 180 pesos

-Investment: 4,920

We didn't completely eliminate the use to diapers. We still use it when we go out.

Any more tipid tips you can share with me?

Cheap mommy,



  1. Life is Beautiful3 May 2016 at 15:45

    Hi L, medyo advance siguro and tipid tip ko, kasi ilang weeks pa lang si G,pero sa meal/snack time ng kids ko nung baby pa sila, marie biscuit ang pnakain ko instead of cerelac, hindi rin kasi kaya ng tyan nila. nahirapan sila mag poop with cerelac. what i did with marie biscuit was nilalagyan ko na milk and small amount of water, mix very well, until mag thicken. ginawa ko rin ang mashed potato and banana. mas healthy. :)

  2. Try mo din ang cloth diapers nang next 9 diapers next9.org/?page_id=26