Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tactless Comments and Bulimia

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  1. I wish EVERYONE was conscious with the words they use. But honestly, they're not. Panget for one is NOT and NEVER careful with his words. He used his words to literally HURT and make your heart bleed. I honestly for the life of me cannot and will not ever understand why he does it. And as you said - I can only change myself. So when he says hurtful words to me and to the kids - I always say *Lord, Ikaw na bahala!* Once, I was so angry na I made patol - I called his bluff! Aba, nagalit sa akin. Tumahimik daw ako.

    Tact is something non existent - especially in the oldies. Kaya when I meet oldies that have wisdom and tact, my gulay - I admire them so much.

    Panget also said that Kailee was panget when she was a baby. Pango daw and maitim.

    One of my mom's helpers even said *Ang pangit ng mga daliri niya!* and Kailee cried when she heard it!! If we can only shield our kids noh??


    Hope you're well.

    Love, Didi