Thursday, 7 April 2016

Witnessed A Road Accident

Yesterday, on our way to the Fort, we witnessed an accident on the road.

A mist/silver/gray colored Toyota Corolla suddenly swerved and a motorcycle rider who was going straight wasn't able to hit the brakes quickly. The rider hit the rear of the Toyota Corolla and fell.

I saw the accident happen right before my eyes. It was so fast!

Since we were right in front of the rider, I asked my husband to go down. At first he hesitated because he was worried about me. He was worried that I would get stressed, get contractions and bleed. But I told him we just can't leave a wounded person.

It's just not right.

My conscience won't allow it. 

Someone clearly needed our help. My husband went down to check on the rider. The rider was a woman and she was bleeding but was very much alive and conscious.

The driver of the corolla, on the other hand, just drove off quickly. He/she didn't even bother to go down and check on the rider.The impact was strong that its impossible for him/her to have missed it!

Grabe parang ang sama lang talaga... May konsensya kaya ang taong yun? Nakatulog ba sya nung gabing yun? 

It happened so fast that I wasn't able to take a picture of his/her plate number. Thankfully, an approaching Vios managed to get the plate number and told my husband.

It was a case of hit and run and there was no police in sight.

We were in the middle of the road. Another rider came to help and more came to  survey the scene,  mga usisesero.

It was traffic and the cars behind us where honking their horns non-stop. 

The odd thing is, none of us (usiseros included) knew what number to call! I'm quite ashamed to say that I also didn't know the emergency hotline!

I told my husband that we should just bring her to the ER of St. Lukes BCG but he said we shouldn't move her from the scene because she may have injuries.

So my husband asked for the rider's ID to find her emergency contact numbers.  My husband called her office to report the incident and her supervisor said they will send someone immediately.

Finally the traffic police came to survey the scene. I suppose they came to investigate the source of the congestion and found an accident instead.

Sadly, they didn't have load so my husband lent his phone so that they can call the husband of the rider.

After about an hour, the first aid came. It was at this point that my husband felt it was okay to leave the lady. He left his number to the police just incase the victim wants to file a case against the toyota and they need a witness.

Today, the lady called my husband to say thank you. She told him she is okay but she has not seen the results of her x-ray yet. She told my husband that it really took a while for the ambulance to come.

It was indeed a stressful situation.

To see  an accident happen right before my eyes is an unnerving experience.

It made me think that we really don't know what lies ahead of us, LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY.

However, I am thankful that it gave my husband to the opportunity to be a good samaritan. I have read him the story a couple of times and I'm glad he had the chance to apply it in real life.

In line with the story, I told my husband that maybe he should send the woman something and maybe a verse from the bible just to let her  know that God is always watching over her. Perhaps, someday that simple act of kindness from my husband will inspire the woman to help others someday.

For now...the most important thing we should take note of is to know the emergency number. Here's the link: I just hope the numbers work.



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