Tuesday, 5 April 2016

I Learn A Lot From All Of You

In real life, I'm very funny and talkative. People find it hard to believe that I'm actually an introvert.

I'm glad I found a space online to share my innermost thoughts. Imagine if I start sharing these "thoughts" pag umaattend ako ng birthday party. I think people will not know how to react. Di ba! 

Last night, I started reading the book of  ECCLESIASTES to my husband. It was written by King Solomon and every word he said echoes my thoughts. In short, magka-wavelength kami! 

I felt less crazy after reading a few chapters. I'll write about this soon. It's really worth sharing.

I appreciate all the readers who share their stories and experiences via email or comments. You guys are teaching me so much about motherhood, marriage and life. 

I think I learn more from all of you than you do from me. I wonder tuloy why you read my journal. 

Thank you so much for giving me comfort and hope.  I sincerely appreciate it.



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