Tuesday, 12 April 2016

The Meaning Behind Her Name

When I was trying and failing repeatedly to get pregnant, my friend Ana shared this bible story with me. Every night, I read this story to myself and hoped for the same miracle. When I finally got a positive result, I decided to name my child Samuel if he's a boy and Samuelle (pronounced as Sa-Miu-Elle) if she's a girl because it means... " I asked God for you and He answered my prayer. "

By the18th week, I found out I'm having a girl. By this time, I also saw the first fine line on my face. Since God has been good to me, I asked God to preserve my youth. But God said, "Sorry dear, I can't make you young forever but you can feel young again through your daughter." And so, I decided to name the girl inside me, Giuliana (pronounced as Joo-li-ah-na) because it means "youth". It's the Italian version of Juliana.

And so, the full name of my daughter is Giuliana Samuelle and it's a name filled with meaning. I didn't name her after me or her father because she is her own person. We gave her a name that will tell the story of how God fulfilled a promise and refused a request through her. 



  1. Life is Beautiful12 April 2016 at 08:31

    Hi L,

    Indeed a very meaningful name. A precious gift from God. Did you already gave birth?

  2. I love the name, L! It's beautiful and yes such a nice meaning. She will be an amazing person I can tell :)

  3. Awww what a beautiful name! Have you given birth? :)

  4. beautiful name! :) Congrats!-K