Tuesday, 23 September 2014


So, it's a Tuesday morning and I'm at home. Why shouldn't  I be? I'm a housewife afterall. Sometimes I forget.

A couple of weeks ago, I started working with my husband. True to form, I looked at financials and made a strategy and pushed for growth. That's how we roll in Unilever.

Problem is, the person who needs to execute everything is my husband. 

 I eventually found myself talking a lot about work to the point that it even became a bedtime topic. And trust me when I say that discussing work is not sexy at all.

It was the first thing I talked about it the morning over breakfast. I started slacking off on what I prepared. My menu fell from a rice meal set to just a plain toasted bread. I also didn't have time to make dinner. And yes, it was the same topic over dinner.

In Unilever, we called this PASSION. Apparently in a marriage, it is called a RECIPE FOR DISASTER.

Finally, he couldn't take it. 

He told me that he wants me to be a WIFE first. He wants to come home and have dinner waiting for him. He wants to be able to open up about his problems and not have someone process the situation and make him prepare a one pager summarizing the issues and ending with a number  of OFIs (opportunities for improvement) . Of course I didn't make him do this! But verbally, it was very close.

 He just wants a listening ear. He doesn't want a lecture on the 6Ps of marketing- particularly promotion!

And so now, we have decided to reduce my office time. I need to learn how to be a wife first. Business will come later...


  1. True!! My husband is in IT which is a different planet for me.Despite the fact that I don't understand what he says I pretend that I do and use words like really?? So what happened? What did you do? that gets him talking and I nod my head. Then I give him the remote and tell him what tv na.

    1. For us it's hard because I was a boss before and I know brand management. It also doesn't help that I work with really big numbers. Pareho pa kaming eldest. So imagine. I have to really learn...

  2. Commend your wanting to be a wife first. It's great to learn how to have a listening ear. On the other hand, I m concerned about gender roles. You sound like you're very good at what you do. That can be an asset to your business.

    1. Thank you! I'll take it one day at a time. 2 months in marriage...long long way to go. Please pray that God gives me patience in listening :)