Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Marriage Market

The ratio between male and female is not really as disproportionate as one may think. 

Sure, there are numerically more boys than girls but nett of same gender preference, my gut tells me we are bound to find a suitable mate within our locale.

And yet, I find that majority of my friends are still single.  And we are talking about amazing and beautiful girls here! 

Which made me ask myself...How can a single girl find a suitable partner in this day and age?

I met S through KAI SHAO. His cousin is my friend and he introduced us.  In Ilonggo we call this RETO. The only difference is, Kai-shao is more serious in the sense that background checks are done by the person introducing lest he/she loses face as a result of a bad match.

Some of my friends met their partners online through chat, Facebook or dating sites.

Recently, a friend of mine in Singapore participated in Speed Dating.  She is currently seeing an Italian guy, who looks like Jesus. 

Then, my more  interesting friends find potential mates through apps like GRINDR (gay) and BLENDR (straight).

The lucky ones met their partners in a more conventional setting: either they went to school together or they met at work. In reference to the latter,  I have learned the hard way, that it's not smart to shit in your own backyard.

The moment a girl hits 28, her parents and relatives take it upon themselves to find her a match. Whether she wants one or not, is not really their concern.

Honestly, I don't know why girls should get married. I believe it is perfectly okay to be alone if that's your thing.

I completely respect everyone's living preference. 

Me? I can't be alone. I can't reach most of the stuff in the cabinet. I'm scared of the dark.  I also can't fix electrical stuff. I need S in my life. But that's me.

But some parents are just so obsessed with the idea of marrying off their kids.  Like these parents in Shanghai.

A couple of months ago, I went to Shanghai with S and his sister.  We visited this "Marriage Market" in People's Park. 

Apparently this is a weekend thing much like Salcedo Market but instead of selling organic gulay, they try to trade their children's credentials.

It is quite simple really. A parent will say, "I have a girl". Another will say, "I have a boy". They lay out their "specs" and if they find that it could be a suitable mate, they trade numbers.

It is worth mentioning that many parents go to this venues and give out their children's contact details without their children's consent.

Most of the "searchees" have daughters. This is interesting given that statistics show that there are more boys than girls in China.

Look at this man and all the moms flocking around him.

While S was looking around, a mom inched towards him but she was apprehensive when she heard him speak in a foreign language. When she finally hard the courage to chat him up, he walked away. Haha.

S is insecure with his mandarin.

It really amazes me, the extent by which society will go through to pair everyone up.

 If this is such a universal need...I may just consider mounting a similar "market" in one of the parks in Makati. Hahaha.

Who wants to join me?

Still on Pause,


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