Saturday, 6 September 2014

Femme de Ménage

Uy!!!!! I learned a new term today! 

Femme de Ménage is French for housemaid.  Bonggangbels!!!!!

Ka-level ng bonggang Spanish-inspired breakfast that I prepared for my husband kaninang morning.

Tostada con Tomate y Aceite de Oliva


Toasted Bread with Kamatis and Mantika :p

Oh di ba!!!! You can make anything and everything sosyal. 

Eto ang breakfast last weekend. 

WAGI!!! Ham and egg lang yan ha!

Pag sosyal na ang mga breakfast mo, pwede ka na maging femme de ménage tulad ko.

I believe MONEY CAN'T BUY CLASS! Chaks

Still on Pause,


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