Friday, 12 September 2014


Two weeks after the end of Ghost Month, Chinese all over the world celebrated the Mid-autumn festival. In some countries Sept 8, Monday, was declared a holiday.

Because it's the season to remember loved ones who live far away, my parents and relatives sent over mooncakes through the mail.

I saw the pictures Aunty Lina posted on her FB wall. It made me wish I could celebrate the hols with them. In Hong Kong and in most Chinese communities, Lanterns are usually everywhere during the this festival.

When I was in Singapore, I used to go to Chinatown and watch the kids parade their hand-made lanterns.

But here in the Philippines and in Xiamen, it's all about the Dice Game!

We normally have family reunions either with our relatives or with the association and it's here where we play DICE. 

The game is fairly simple. You need the following:

1. 6 pcs of Dice

2. 6 kinds of Prizes. It could be anything! Hopia is most common prize for the 6th and 5th place.

But  my sister-in-law and I  opted for junk food! Bad!

Here's the instruction. I printed and posted on the wall using some of the stuff from the wedding.

It's very easy but I realized later on in the game that it requires some memory work. 

The person who gets the zongguan, first place, is predicted to be the luckiest person for that year. I got one! My MIL got 2! 

I loved that everyone joined and best of all...EVERYONE WON!

The boyfriend of my sister in law was there. The helpers joined too. Even Sidney, the dog, got to rub the dice for luck!

Next year, I plan to make some changes in the mechanics. I think the prizes should be shots! Haha. I'll update you on how that'll go.

6th prize: 15ml light beer
5th prize: Vodka Sprite
4th prize: Juice
3rd prize: 10ml Red Wine 
2nd prize: Coke
1st Prize: Water

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  1. Haha we had junk food last year and every was Zzzzz
    but this year our sponsor was feeling generous and we had $$$ so everyone was @_@