Sunday, 14 September 2014

Day 209: FLU, FOOD, FUN

After 2 weeks of the flu, I finally had the strength to go back to yoga and not just any yoga class ha. I attended the global mala with my wedding coordinator and friend, Abbie! I also met up with another friend, Chef Len.

After our ashtanga yoga, I went to attend one of my favorite classes, KUNDALINI.  Kundalini is like a mystical yoga practice that aims to release the energy trapped in our spine by awakening the chakras.

The class was taught by a yogini named, MADONNA ENGLISH (yes, that's her real name). She's a student of my former kundalini teacher, Marissa.  Both of them are really good! 

The poses remind me of the moves of the  kecak dancers in Bali. They look funny but they are so effing hard!!! Super pagod talaga after flapping my arms for 4 mins!

After yoga, I was so hungry and tired. HAGARDO VERSOZA!! When I got home, I was so glad  to see my brother and his girlfriend cooking in the kitchen.

We had a wonderful dinner, starting with canapés and white wine.

For our main course we had, steak, potatoes and roasted capsicums. We enjoyed the steak with a bottle of Shiraz.

Our guest Mark, brought blueberry cheese cake for dessert. It was super good! 

It was a wonderful dinner that ended very late. Louie went home 12ish and Mark went home around 2 am!

I love entertaining in our home. I just love love it! Ofcourse it helps that my brother is a chef! 

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