Tuesday, 7 July 2015

When I was 29...

When I was 29, I was promoted to be a Senior Brand Development Manager.
When I was 29, my work expanded to include a category in Australia
When I was 29, I went to Dubai, Sydney, Bordeaux and Durban.
When I was 29, my Pinoy boyfriend of 6 years dumped me...

I've been trying to find the time, the inspiration and the words to share my "epic break-up".

You see, my life has a pattern:
**flat**happy**PEAK**DEEP TRENCH**depression**recovery**happy**flat**

When I was 29, I experienced this complete pattern within the span of 12 months.

I think the beauty of life lies in the fact that it is never perfect. Sa mga laging #blessed sa bawat araw nalang na nilikha ng dyos, tigilan nyo yan ha.

I have come to understand that there will days that I will praise God for all His goodness and there  will be days that I will resent Him. That is why it is called a relationship. My relationship with God has its ups and downs.

When I was 29, my ex sent me an email to break up with me. Then he turned off his phone. And just like that, it was over. I couldn't beg in person because he was in another country that required a visa.

When I was 29, for the first time I knelt down and lifted all my pain, HUMILIATION and uncertainty to God.

Since then, I have learned that our God is a good God. He is kind and merciful. He knows what is best for me. He knows what is best for you too.

If you are thinking, "OA ha break up lang", please wait until I share the context.

I will soon. I promise.

Ikaw, what were you doing when you were 29?




  1. There is a certain kind of strength when you recognize that you are at a low point in your life and being there builds character. You gain a deeper understanding of who you really are. From someone who has experienced a similar kind of pain, there really is a difference when you stop trying to control everything and just learn to accept and have faith that there is something better in the horizon. You helped me understand that.

    With that said, I can't wait to read more. :)

    1. Still looking for the first line

  2. omg!!! he's such an a$$! well i guess life has its funny way of turning things around for the better. :)

    When I was 29..
    I was a married woman na
    I went to the US for the first time
    and I staged the biggest work event in my life haha :)

    1. 29 is really a memorable age. The last year before we are officially adults...

  3. I got married at 29.

    I'm super excited to read about the break up! Ako di ko parin makakalimutan ang linya ng former boyfriend ko *Haven't you had enough of us?* O diba? Mala-pelikula! Pero yung sayo - pwedeng isambuhay! hahaha... :)

    Love, Didi

    1. Na kwento ko na Sayo e!

    2. It's exciting to be able to read it naman! Hahaha... :)

  4. My a$$ of an ex-bf triggered our breakup on Christmas day when he asked over the phone "do you still want to meet up later today ?" I was puzzled and upon grilling him, he eventually confessed that he wanted to meet with this girl that he'd met online. I broke up with him and all he said was "if that's what you want" and put down the phone.

    Next day, he reached out and asked to get back together. I was so relieved but decided to just be pakipot for a few days. On New Year's Eve, he announced that he was with this other girl, he loved me and wanted to be with me but since I didn't want to be with him, he's now with this other girl.

    Eh ? 1 week lang.

    Later, I found out that he was making ligaw a lot of girls, it was just a matter of who took the bait first. [swear words here] His relationship with this girl lasted a few weeks and when they broke up, he was back to courting me. I would feel so giddy and relieved inside and be nonchalant outside (pakipot lang!) and then he would be with someone else soon after because according to him, "ayaw ko na sa kanya" so he wants to move on. This cycle of ups and downs went on for months! He was very smooth and I was stupid, I know that now.

    Thankfully, I did find myself out of love one day. One day, it just didn't hurt when he announced that he was with yet another girl. I found it funny to think that I fell for him. I couldn't even remember what I saw in him long ago.

    I think these things happen to us so that we can spot a good ones from the bad ones and be more appreciative of the good guys.

    1. May mga GAGO tlga sa mundo.
      Bakit kaya? Ano kaya kinain nila para maging ganyan kasama?

    2. May mga naturally GAGO talaga and mostly, they proliferate because merong mga nagpapa-gago. The a$$ ex-bf was not the type of person you'd be proud to introduce to your family. He came from a broken family (his mom was one of several mistresses and their family was one of several families of his dad), he smoked, he drank, he's a womanizer, and he dropped out of school (but did go back again later to get his degree).

      I really should've known what I was getting into, how could I have missed that? There was no way that that relationship was going to have a happy-ever-after ending.

    3. To be fair, mabait ang ex ko. It was just how he ended it that was really bad.

      Baka bata ta ka kasi nun

    4. Young and stupid = not a good combination.

  5. When I was 29... Wait I'm not 29 yet.. Also I'm a guy so its not been that exciting ;)
    Actually this is a bit off topic but I've always wondered; what goes through the mind of women like you in high end jobs when they are that point of being successful or happy; do you have to make a choice; how did you get to where you are now? Only in my case I'm nowhere near that point yet but it could happen I. the near future, I'm 26 this year and planning to settle down in the foreseeable future and the thing is it is more likely that my gf would be earning more than me. I guess I'm asking what made you decide to stay at home compared to working as a senior brand development manager? I don't know if I would get to the point where as a guy I would need to stay at home while my SO works but times are not what they used to before so it be nice to see how you arrived at the place you are now if you would want to share, I. All ears open.

    Awaiting the next installment of your epic break up =p

    BTW I'm really sorry been catching up on all your posts and this comment actually is driven by a couple of your other posts as well. Just thought it be easier to write is all. Thanks for posting again!

    1. Welcome back young sir! I found a man who can support my luxuries :) and take care of me. I also had money to enjoy life, so I decided to enjoy because I am only this age once. So it really was a combination of time, resources and accomplishment, I felt i deserved a break and could afford it :)

    2. Thankyou, not sure about the young bit but I certainly been told I look the part. Well that makes sense and enjoying life is important but I was just curious because once you are in a high end job its not all about the pay I guess. So was thinking really if someone in your position would miss that lifestyle: the challenges as well as drive if that makes sense.

      Heard PH was hit by some strong weather in a few areas, hope you're well and thanks for replying.

  6. I don't think it's OA. I'm 29 with no sense of direction, very little money, and demotivated. Ex-bf of five years broke up with me via text before New Year's day and told me to wait for him only to find out he'd been dating a friend of ours within the two weeks he texted me he wanted out :)

    1. Great things will happen to you dear! 29 is always a turning point! Make this last year of your 20s epic. It's the time to discover and love yourself! Good luck!

  7. I'm 25 and wondering if I still want to reach 29.
    Can definitely relate to your life pattern.
    Enjoying your blog immensely though. :)