Friday, 3 July 2015

A Quarter Of Our Lives

Do you realize that we spend nearly a quarter of our lives sleeping? Ideally we should have atleast 6-8 hours of sleep in a day.  Anything below 6 hours, I'm already feel as if my head is floating.

Because sleep is so important, I really invest in making my sleeping space very comfortable. I may not be able to control my dreams but my comfort is in my own hands.

The perfect aircon temperature for me is 23'C. We only turn on our aircon for 3 hours every night. #barat.

We have an orthopedic mattress. It's not tempur but it's amazing.

My preferred sleeping aids are Melatonin, Sleepasil and ZZZquil.

For very personal reasons, my favorite bed sheets are by DWELLSTUDIO.

DwellStudio is a New York-based brand  famous for its bold, colorful and chinoiserie-esque prints.  The sheets are manufactured in Portugal, India and Peru and are made with the finest cotton.

What I love about their sheets is, when I turn the air-conditioning on, the sheets absorb and keep the coolness. So even after we turn the aircon off, it's still quite cold for a good 3-4 hours more.

DwellStudio is available in Rustans and select interior boutiques. You can also buy the sheets and duvets online at DwellStudio Philippines.The website is owned by the official distributor. It's exactly the same price as the stores here in Manila.

Now, if anyone here knows where I can buy a pill that can guarantee good dreams, please let me know.



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