Saturday, 4 July 2015

Me Time

How often do you have "ME TIME"?

I think it's good to spend atleast an hour or two with hear what the voices in your head are trying to say... Kahit once a week lang naman. Wag mong araw-arawin or mababaliw ka.

I usually spend my "ME TIME" having coffee and writing my dark or happy or sad thoughts.

Now, I'm in Bizu. The husband is somewhere talking with some people. 

 In fairness, I like this branch of Bizu in Podium.

 It's very girly. I wish I wore pink today. Perhaps, nag "tutu" dapat ako. And cguro dapat dinala ko na rin my pet unicorn.

The coffee in Bizu is also affordable ha! 85 php for a cup of Lavazza Americano. The macarons same price na sa Paris, 1 euro. So I will eat this one piece very very very slowly.

Ikaw where do you have your "Me time" ? And what do you usually do or think about?

Jusko ha, if yung "Me Time" mo sa CR, hay nako!!! Mag isip ka about your life ha!

Having a relatively good day,



  1. every saturday is my me time while Paul is at work :) pero normally I would just spend it by going to the gym then hanging out at a nice coffee shop after. kaya last sat was extra special kasi may Minions pa! haha

  2. I have every two week pedi session at home. Hahaha!! :)
    I guess whenever I get to write - me time na iyon! Hahaha..

    There are days that I want to be alone while days that I want my kids constantly beside me with me just looking at them. Hahaha!