Monday, 11 May 2015

The Law of Energy and Starbucks

The law of energy states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. It just transforms from one type of energy to another. This is a law of nature. This is not a theory.

A chemical energy (food) gets converted to mechanical energy when our muscles use it for movement.

Similarly, a negative emotional energy also gets passed around.

Today, my husband raised his voice at his secretary. I absorbed all the residual energy. I felt very upset even if it wasn't directed to me.

That is why I love the good people at Starbucks. Every morning, when I buy coffee they give me such positive vibes that I take all that with me when I go to the office. 

Unfortunately, today we came to work early... When I felt stressed from S' outburst, I just had to step out and get some positive juju from Starbucks.

 I'm trying to shake off the negative chi as I write this entry.

Remember: When you are an ass to someone, that someone will feel bad and will take it out on someone else. Each of your outburst has a consequence that extends beyond your imagination.

A simple smile from someone who knows your name, goes a long long way.

Thanks Starbucks :)

Not-So-Good Morning,


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  1. Channeling the positive!!
    Sabi ko sayo.. Paranting *Lord, Ikaw na bahala kay so and so..*