Sunday, 24 May 2015

Can't speak Chinese but CAN COOK CHINESE!

My in-laws and my parents are very frustrated with me because until now,  I still can't speak Chinese. 

Growing up, I had a Chinese tutor, who came to my house every weekend. She was so boring. Nerdox. When I was in college, I was sent to Guangzhou for one summer of hell.The next summer, I was sent to Shenzhen. Then before graduation,  I was sent to Hong Kong, where I studied Cantonese.

Nothing. I just didn't absorb any of the Chinese dialects. What a waste of money!

When I attend parties, people just naturally assume that I can speak Chinese. So,  they start blabbing only to find out after an hour that all I heard was... " Chong ching chang. Ping pong pang." 

To make matters worst, last Feb, I enrolled myself in Spanish class. Next month, I will be level 2 na.

I'm really hopeless, noh?

But what I lack in language, I make up for with my understanding of the culture and the food. 

I can cook Chinese food very well!  (Note: Obviously, what I lack in skill I make up for in confidence. YOWN! )  And every time I cook (which is all the time), I send pictures of my dishes to my Mother in Law via viber. HIGH TECH si Mader. I just want her to know that while I may not be able to speak Chinese, I can cook Chinese food naman. 

Ewan ko sayo pero I think mas may kwenta ang pag luluto over just speaking Chinese di ba?

The only Chinese teacher na feel ko is MR. LEE KUM KEE. I don't know him pero friends na kami. He is my constant companion in the kitchen.  

AT THE VERY LEAST, A Fil-Chi wife should have a Panda oyster sauce and a Lee Kum Kee Soy Sauce in the pantry

FYI, trust me when I say that a Philippine-made Oyster Sauce usually has a sweeter taste profile to match the Filipino palate. The typical Pinoy Soy Sauce or Toyo is perfect for adobo but not for Chinese food, I tell you.

LEE KUM KEE owns PANDA OYSTER SAUCE, which is the world’s 1st oyster sauce brand. Lee Kum Kee Soy Sauce uses the finest beans. Needless to say, only Lee Kum Kee has the most authentic Chinese taste. The same taste that your Fil-Chi husband grew up with.

Here are my repertoire of Chinese dishes that are so easy to prepare

1.  Steamed Veggies Drizzled with PANDA Oyster Sauce. 
NOTE: THIS IS THE EASIEST! Just steam while you are cooking rice. If you can't do this...WAG KA MUNANG MAG ASAWA, OKAY.

2. EGGPLANT and Minced Pork

3. Garlic Prawns

4. Oriental Pork Chop

5. Chicken/Beef/Pork and Brocolli with Oyster Sauce and sugar
Note: I use Chicken, faster to cook.

6. Sautéed Spicy Beef 

There is a Lee Kum Kee Contest that I am planning to join and I'm choosing which dish to enter with. What do you think???

Here are the mechanics:

1. Like Lee Kum Kee Philippines Facebook page
2. Post your very own dish with any Lee Kum Kee product with recipe title and hashtag.
3. The most creative shot wins.


Kitchenware vouchers worth 25,000!!!!! Kaloka!!!
First prize: 7,000 php
Second prize: 5,000 php
Third prize: 3000 php

Join din kayo! May the best Chinese cook wins :)



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