Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Madison's Bistro Moderne at Shangri-la

While I was on vacation, I realized that fine dining is so expensive in Europe.  Yeah sure, you can find fresh and good food just about everywhere but a fancy sit-down dinner costs a fortune.

Needless to say,  I'm glad to be back.  I want a facial at Dermalogica,  pedicure at Nail Tropics  and I want to dress all pretty for a nice and PROPER dinner.

According to my husband a PROPER dinner is defined as:
- having your own table
- sitting down in a comfortable chair
- having attentive and friendly waiters
- not hearing the conversation of the table right beside you
- good food

He complained that the whole time we were in Spain, he ate his dinner standing up (tapas) and in Paris, he sat elbow to elbow with other diners. He said, " Pag-uwi natin,  I want to have dinner at Madison's! "

That we did.

Now, I rarely do restaurant reviews but Madison's deserves a 6P analysis!

Proposition:  Amazing bistro food crafted and designed by international chefs for discriminating and sophistical diners. (Yeza, isa na ako dun!)

Place:  The restaurant shares the same roof with a 5-Star Luxury Hotel.

Product:   Chef Giovanni Sias (Executive Chef), Chef Hylton Le Roux and team serve international dishes using fresh and high quality ingredients.
The servings are big and generous relative to the normal appetites of Filipinos.
The plating and presentation are definitely social media worthy!
Best of all, the flavors match the palate of Filipino diners. That is to say, it has achieved a good level of well rounded-ness (umami!)

(Roasted bone marrow, 385 php, good for 2 pax)

Price: Despite the posh location, the prices of the items in the menu are very reasonable.  The prices range from 450Php for a Confit Pork Belly to a 750Php for Braised Lamb Shanks.
FYI: A club sandwich in a 5-star hotel isalready 450php++.

(Confit Pork Belly)

( Braised Lamb Chops served with Risotto)

(House red at 200php)

Packaging:  In this case, packaging refers to the interiors of the restaurants. It's a good mix of New York and Paris vibe. It's  dark, sultry and sophisticated.

Promotion: They had a promotion a couple of months ago with Deal Grocer. But really, even without these deals, the prices are already perfect for anyone earning 25-30k/month!

I recommend this place for:

1. Yuppies who are planning to take someone out on a date for the first time. I swear, if you will ask me out and take me here, ma-iimpress ako and will say yes to a second date.

2. Husbands who believe in the saying.. "Happy Wife, Happy Life"



Madison's Bistro Modern
One Garden Way, Shangri-La Place, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

Phone: 631-4675

Mobile: 0936-9119-838

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