Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday Brunch at Home

Last Sunday, I had brunch at Toby's Estate in Salcedo. The place is very nice. However, I wasn't very happy with the food we ordered. S ordered the Eggs with Salmon and Capers. It was around 375.00 php and it looked like this...

For the price..medyo ang liit ng salmon. 20 little tidbits lang... 

So, I decided I'm better off having Sunday brunch at home. My brother came over to make Eggs Benedict. I got a pack of 100g Smoked Salmon from Rustans for 165.00 php.  We managed to make 3 Eggs Benedict out of 1 pack.

My brother poached the eggs and made the hollandaise sauce. Inexpensive ingredients but I have to admit this simple dish requires a lot of skill.

I also had a meat platter filled with Bacon (90 php), Smoked Farmers Ham (120 php), Potatoes (10 php), Grilled Tomatoes (7 php), Cheese.

I got mint from our mini garden and added some lemon slices for our water.
Note: You need lemon for the hollandaise sauce so these are the tira-tira lang.

And here is out entire BRUNCH SPREAD!

And my happy diners...

Brunch is the easiest and the most colorful meal to prepare. Feel free to make sunny side up instead of Eggs Benedict.

I hope I have inspired you to prepare Brunch too! 

Happy Sunday.

Feeling Better,



  1. Everything looks good!!

    Sarap naman ng brunch sa inyo!!

    1. Think breakfast dishes really look pretty. Not to mention simple to prepare. Un nga Lang,, an dami kong hinugasan. I'm looking forward to my staycation. I want to have brunch but this time eat and run.