Thursday, 14 May 2015

How To Tell Someone He Has Body Odor?

How do you tell someone that he or she has BO?

Stress di ba?!

It's really hard to tell a person,  "Hey, you smell like rotten guavas." I'm a very honest and frank person but even I can't pull this off.

It's also very awkward to just give a deodorant. In fact, it seems like a very sarcastic gesture. 

I suggest, you put together a CARE PACKAGE to show that you care enough for that person to smell better... Not just kili-kili fresh, but total hair and body fresh!

Always go for REXONA because REXONA WON'T LET YOU DOWN

And when you give you care package, write this note!

Here's to looking good, smelling good,  feeling good and getting more out of life!!!
(Inspired by the Unilever Vision and Mission)

Granted, this care package is expensive but your comfort is of utmost importance 

Now, if you excuse me, I need to pack these items and write a note for a certain someone here.

Concerned Citizen,


1 comment:

  1. You're so funny!
    I had helpers who smelled, so I just gave then tawas deodorant. They knew na kaagad why I gave the. Hihi... I

    I remember in HS parang a classmate smelled of *sibuyas*! OMG - we had to tell the guidance counselor.. HIhi...

    Love, Didi