Monday, 18 July 2016

Writer's Block

I'm so sorry I haven't been writing in ages. 

My motherhood is baptism by fire. 

am unprepared for the emotions and the challenges that came with it.

Currently, I have bouts of post partum depression, which is either caused or compounded by OCD. I won't get into that.

I worry about my baby endlessly but when she smiles...I forget my worries. 

My husband also told me that some of his family read my blog and got hurt. Truth be told, I don't know why they would read it when told me not to google stuff and worry myself silly. 

So, I decided to stop writing for a while just to avoid trouble.

If you miss me, you can always message me and I will try my best to reply.

For now, I realize that the future is so uncertain and I really have to enjoy each day with my baby. The greatest lesson, motherhood has taught me is to just be thankful for each day that my child is healthy and happy. I should stop worrying about things. So for now, avoid the news and avoid anything that will cause paranoia.

Hanging on to my sanity,



  1. Hello L. Do you mind if I ask what about your baby that makes you worry so much? We, mothers, do tend to worry a lot about our children...sometimes to the point that we get so consumed by it that we totally miss enjoying that very special moment we have with them. Let nature take its course... what will happen will eventually happen, whether we like it or not. But then again, who really knows what will happen and how certain can they really be. We can only hope and pray for the best. You have a very beautiful daughter. Whatever she becomes later, we can only hope for the best. For the meantime, take care of your sanity as your baby needs you to be there for her. Your life with your daughter has just begun. There is still a long road ahead of you. You may not like the thought of not knowing what she will turn into later, but doing the best that you can now will give her a very good starting point.-- From a friend, H

    1. Exactly...who really knows what will happen. I try to tell myself that and just be thankful for each day. I wake up every morning to thank God we are alive and I sleep every night thanking God that we survived the day unscathed.