Monday, 18 July 2016

100 Days

To celebrate my baby's 100th day, I just made a simple dinner for me, my husband and the yaya.

It was so simple...I didn't even buy a cake. Instead, I just stacked leftover cupcakes and stuck a lollipop on top. Clever di ba!

I prepared 2 red eggs as it is customary. Red eggs are for good luck and for new beginnings.

Then, I offered a prayer of thanks for the 100 days filled with happiness, love, tears, fears. You name it, I felt it.

As I was thanking God, my baby decided to poop. I was holding her and I felt her poop come out. She pooped so much, some of it spilled on my hands.

Hay Nako.

You know, I learned that I should celebrate her every chance I get.

 I usually worry about the future so much and with motherhood, this mindset got even worse. But my baby encourages me to take a chill pill and just enjoy the present. When I worry, she smiles or do crazy stuff like crapping on my hands.

She's so funny. She makes me feel better.




  1. Happy to read your update achi L!!! Happy 100 days to your lil one! I continue to pray for you and your family! It's nice to see that you eat together with the yaya, very few does that :)

    1. My family eats with the maids too. It's something I learned from home. Thanks so much for your prayers Jacq. You take care and stay safe in Taipei too!