Monday, 25 July 2016

How are you?

Have you ever noticed that there are some people in your life that when they text you, "How are you?", you immediately think..."May kailangan kaya to?".

I believe that when your friends and family habitually checks up on and ask about how you are, they somehow care about you.

Perhaps that's naive of me to think of it that way.

But when you come to think of it...that simple question requires a big investment in terms of time and emotion.

The receiver can simply say, "I'm okay" or she can go into a litany of things that trouble her.  Are you prepared to listen?

Somehow, I feel there are ever so few people in our lives who are actually prepared to listen. 

Listening is really hard especially if the topic is not to your liking. Which is why I created this journal, so that I can vent.

It's sad that I have to censor myself  nowadays. This is the only space I can freely express myself.



  1. Hi L, why not change your blog name, para hindi ka nila ma trace. parang ang babaw ng suggestion ko di ba. kasi oo nga naman, ito yung parang outlet mo, diary na rin in a techie way. tapos parang meron ka pa ring mtrcb. makikiuso ako sa #justsaying -your fan :)

    1. I'll look into that :) I don't know how to kasi