Monday, 25 July 2016

Change in Spending

Yesterday, I was looking for a dress that I'll be wearing for the baptism. My husband chose a white Anne Klein dress and it was around 7,000 php.

I could not bring myself to buy it...even if it's his  money. 

It's just too much for a dress! If I find a 3,000 pesos bouncer expensive, how can I buy a 7,000 pesos for a dress that I'll probably won't wear again. It's often will I wear white?

And so, I went to Karimadon in Glorietta and bought a 1,500 pesos knee-length dress instead. 

With an extra money to spare, I went to Rustans and bought this support chair for 3,400 pesos for my baby.  

I wonder if I will still buy Louboutins now that I'm aware that a pair is equivalent to a downpayment for preschool tuition...

Parenthood changed me big time.

How did parenthood change you?


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