Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Yaya with Baby

A couple of nights ago, I saw the yaya watching a video of her 11 month old son on the iPhone we lent her.  She was watching him while she was making baptismal candles for my daughter.

I felt really sad.

Here is a mom who also has a baby but she is here with us to take care of ours.

Last week the parcels of clothes my husband ordered from the US arrived one by one. He got G a total of 20 dresses from Baby Gap and Carters

So, when we went to Mothercare. I got the yaya a new pair of shoes for her son.

Since next week happens to be her son's birthday, I asked my husband if we can give him clothes too. He got him 2 crisp polo. The yaya was very happy.

My husband said I talk to the yaya and the maids  more than I talk to some of our relatives. 

I said, as a mom, I really emphatize. Aside from that, I have lived away from home for 14 years later. I know how it feels to not have your family around.

I know it's hard to be away from home especially if you have a baby. 

The least I can do is to make life easier. 

When we eat dinner, we eat together. When I order Starbux, I order a Venti and share it with her. 

Perhaps, I am not used to having a maid but I feel guilty enjoying stuff when the person beside me isn't. 

I'm pretty sure if she decides to leave someday, I'll truly feel bad. I hope we can get a big house so that her son can live with us too. 

Truth be told, when 2 of the maids of my in-laws left, I felt quite sad. 

When I was growing up, our maid's 2 kids lived with us. We all lived together, ate in the same table, celebrated holidays from the time we were 8 until they graduated college.

But that's not a normal set-up here in Manila, I think...


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