Sunday, 11 October 2015

Reflection After Church: ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN

I recounted the sermon to my husband. The pastor shared the story of Bartimeaus, the blind man. 

Story goes...

When Bartimaeus found out that Jesus was in his neck of the woods, he shouted to Jesus as He passed by, "Jesus, Son of David, help me". The people told him to be quiet because he was making a scene. They told him to be calm and not bother Jesus,  But Jesus did not ignore Bartimeaus. Instead, He approached the blind man and gave him sight.

After I finished sharing the story, I told my husband that if we really want something we shouldn't be ashamed to ask. 

So, on the count of 3, I said we should both shout and let Jesus know that we want a healthy baby in God's perfect time.

But before I even started to count, my husband broke his silence and said...

"So, that's why yung mga gusto mag pa-libre  (those who want a free meal)  are not ashamed to ASK LOUDLY and PERSISTENTLY...Nasa bible pala yan."

My husband's reflections are really weird...

Happy Sunday,


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