Saturday, 3 October 2015


As I write this, I am watching this new craze, ALDUB. Briefly, it's a staged story of two fictional lovers who don't talk to each other verbally. Instead, they communicate through songs and written messages.

One dialogue reminded me how flirtatious my husband and I used to be with each other.

Alden: Meng, punta ako Cebu mamaya.
Yaya Dub: Pasalubong ha.
Alden: Ano gusto mo?
Yaya Dub: Mangga na may chocolate.
Alden: Ako, ayaw mo?

Nyahaha!!! So mababaw di ba!

Once upon a time , we also used to flirt like that.   I miss our lines like:

"I'm having lunch. I wish you're here to keep me company..."
" I'm here at a party. I'd rather be having dinner  with you."
"Are you thinking of me? Because I'm thinking of you now."

These are but the "safe" ones. The rest, I can't share na. Hahaha.

After a year of marriage, while my relationship with my husband is still very loving, it seems void of any flirtations. Nowadays, he reminds me to take my meds, eat, drink water. Mostly, he sends me survival reminders.

If he pulls me close to hug me, it feels more cozy than titilating. 

Things really do change when you're already married. It's no longer "kilig" but it feels very loving and safe.  I don't think it's a bad thing. I think the relationship has matured significantly.

How about you? How has your relationship changed after marriage? Drop me a message. I'd lo to hear about it.




  1. i'd say it has changed greatly but i would like to think that it was for the better. now, paul wasn't as guarded anymore in giving his affections. dati medyo "pabebe" pa lalo na in front of the parents. however, i do miss the monthly roses which he stopped giving since we tied the knot. gastos daw hehehe grrrr

    1. Ang buhay tlga! Bwahaha! Ako wala na ring lover letter and flowers