Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Euky Bear Steam Vaporizer

It looks like I will be buying a Euky Bear Steam Vaporizer.  I borrowed the vaporizer of my MIL and brought it with me to the office today.

I have been sick since last Friday. Thanks to the rains brought about by the typhoon, everyone on the street is  walking contaminant of the flu.

I refuse to take any medicines because I have learned recently that taking meds can kill both the good and the bad bacteria. We need the good bacteria to fight off the bad ones. So, if we kill them off with meds (and stress!), we need to replace them through probiotics like yougurt, kefir etc.

For 4 days now, I have been trying to cure myself through sleep, water and vitamins C from fruits. To get relief from my flu symptoms, my husband borrowed the steam vaporizer last Sunday.  I swear, I slept soundly through the night. 

The Euky Bear Steam Vaporizer is very effective in de-congesting my nose and softening my phlegm. The minty smell is very soothing.

The Euky Steam Vaporizer is only 3,800 php and the mint oil is 600 php for 200 ml. I think it's a really good investment if you have kids or sickly adults like me.

It's available at www.milkandhoney.ph

Rain rain please go away,


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