Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Summer Job and Back to School Memories

I started working when I was 9 years old. Sounds like child labor, noh? In a Fil-Chi family, this is called TRAINING.

It started the summer of '91. My dad told me it was time na mag "ko tiam" na ako. No more playing with the kids in our neighborhood. It was time for me to start my right of passage...

Well... I didn't really do much work. I simply took out the trash, swept the floor and arranged boxes of stocks.

However, the "training" was centered around discipline. I went to work from 8 am until 4 pm. If I was late, I was made to stand outside our store. It was embarrassing but I learned at a very young age that I should never be late for work.

I  also got paid 15 pesos/day and when my salary increased, I started working during weekends too!

Every summer, I would save up all my earnings and I would use that money to buy everything I need for school.

Do you have any idea how empowered I was at the age of 9? Having work and money shaped my confidence and self-esteem at a very young age.

Back to school shopping was shopping madness for me! It was the only time of the year when I could binge shop for myself.  I really enjoyed buying my own things with my own money! My mom respected my choices. I decided on everything!

Every year, I got myself a new pair of BANDOLINO shoes. And when I could finally afford an expensive bag, I got myself a Jansport! Even as a kid, I had a good taste in bags and shoes.

Yesterday, I bought the June issue of Yummy and I saw a full feature on BEATRIX.  Oh, I wish I had this when I was growing up. They are so !!!!

Beatrix is NewYork-based brand of kid's bags that became famous in the US because many Hollywood parents and celebrity kids have been photographed using it.

It is also distributed by someone from our family. Yay! Full Support Please!

The bags are very well constructed using HEAVY DUTY NYLON. ( It is a far cry from the bags from 168 na after 2 months, sira na).  BEATRIX bags are very DURABLE!

The designs are embroidered and not just digitally printed.  The bags are comfortable and very light too!

The materials used to make BEATRIX bags are all food-safe and free of all the bad stuff: No lead, No phthalate, No PVC.

I've been warned that those food containers in Divisoria may have lead... I'm not sure but best to be on the safe side especially when it comes to something that has contact with food!

The best thing about BEATRIX is the bags are MACHINE WASHABLE. It's so easy to remove the stains and the stinky smell. Just throw into the washing machine and it comes out clean and smelling nice.

I used to bring Iced Milo to school and I'd always spill it all over my lunch box. Mama would get so upset. She is not a believer of Breeze's tagline, DIRT IS GOOD. She hated (and still hates) spills and  stains. Sermon galore talaga everytime I spill ulam, juice or milo. #traumaticchildhood.

I wish I had a Beatrix lunch box when I was growing up!

Oh wait! Come to think of it... No one is stopping me from getting one! I can bring baon to the office and eat on my desk.

Beatrix is available in all branches of Rustans, Hamleys Toy Store, Mamaway and Baobao Babies in Cebu!

Happy Back to School Shopping!!!




  1. This post brings back memories of my childhood. I started working at my parents' workplace when I was in 1st grade. At first, taga print lang ako ng payslip forms using a mimeograph machine (hala! I'm betraying my age here...). I'd also help count out money & put them in envelopes (Saturday was sweldo day). Eventually, I would also entertain the applicants, go over their requirements & interview otential workers. And yes, I'd make the recommendations on potential workers for specific positions. Medyo weird lang siguro for the applicants to come in for an interview & find themselves seated across a 10 year old kid. There were some who were reluctant to answer my questions and just kept smiling, feeling siguro nila joke lang. Hindi nila na realize that they weren't even going to get considered for the job if they didn't give satisfactory answers.

    My salary started at P10/day and eventually went to P15/day. I'd put part of my earnings in the bank and keep some to buy nice school supplies (i.e. pilot pen, those quick dry correction pens, etc) that were nicer than the ones that my parents buy.

    Ah... am feeling nostalgic :)

    1. I wonder if kids nowadays work nga no? Parang puro summer classes and self development na kasi.
      Sa time ko either matuto ka maghanap buhay or mag linis ng bahay. Actually 7 ako nag start sa Lola ko pano tumawad sa palengke at maglaba un and NO SWELDO!