Thursday, 11 June 2015

Echoz Water

I've been posting a lot of ECHOZ WATER in my instagram account. 

Have you ever noticed that in restaurants they serve this fancy type of water infused with fruits and herbs? 

And somehow this simple touch adds to the ambiance.

And you say to yourself, "Wow ang sossy naman ng tubig na toh!"

Well, at home dahil medyo may delusions and TIME ang lola mo, I make sure na hind lang  ulam ang BONGGA sa presentation...pati tubig.

It's quite easy to make ECHOZ water! If you eat fruits, well set aside some for your water. WAG NAMAN BANANA teh! 

We also have pot of mint plant at home so that helps a lot! It adds a refreshing flavor and it goes with just about any citrusy fruit. If you have no mint, CUCUMBER! 

Lemon!   You should  always have lemon in your ref. It's one of the most versatile fruit in the world! You can use it when you cook chicken, pasta, cakes and yes, Echoz water!

It's seriously cheaper to eat at home. You just have to be creative and think POSH!  #illusionada #pretensiosa




  1. you never fail to crack me up! haha we love making echoz water too with lemon! ill try the one with orange and cucumber

    1. I try to crack myself up too!

  2. Hi, I really love your blog. Your posts are so down to earth!

  3. Love your Echoz water, na elevate to a higher level.

    1. Pa- usuhin na tong echoz water!