Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Hosting Gig

A couple of days ago,  someone stayed in our home. She is a good friend of mine and she really has a beautiful soul.

I really have no complaints.

Kaya Lang...

When she left out shower area was kind of "mapang-he". She showered in the baby's bathroom/guest banyo.

Amoy ihi sa pader levelz.

Super bilis ko lang pinaliguan si G kasi di ko keri ang smelz.

Ayan tagalog para just in case makita nya to di nya ma gets.




  1. Hi L,

    You know what, I really admire your blogs even though I started from the Fil-Chi Issues and so on.

    Grabe. ^^ As a FIL-JAP guy with a soon to be partner na Pure-Chi girl (I actually dont know kung anong Singkit yung magiging baby namin nito xD).. ALL OF THOSE THINGS I READ WAS A VERY VERY GOOD THING TO KNOW. I actually endorsed this personally to my friends na foreign but Filipino-at-heart for them to read, lalo na sa mga FIL-CHI na nakikilala ko kasi the EXPERIENCE IS IN THERE.

    From Nothingness to Everything, this is what you call a life success. For this Hosting Gig article, RIP for the wall hahaha xD Oil based yung perfume na naiwan kaya ehemz nalang.

    I really do like your blog ^^ I really appreciate it from nothingness of mine to everything that I have now.

    James Shuozaki

    1. Hey hey James! Sorry I just saw this now. Pasensya Nya busy kakapunas ng pwet ng baby haha