Saturday, 6 May 2017

Everyone Deserves to Celebrate Mother's Day

Yesterday, on my way to Landmark to meet a good friend from KL, I saw a Bench Fix salon. It gave me an idea to get a gift for our yayay. 

Our yayay also has a toddler in Negros. She had to leave him when he was only 7 months old because she has to work.

I feel guilty everyday that she spends time with my daughter instead of her own son. My husband constantly reminds me that we are helping and I shouldn't be sorry for her.

I'm any case, I feel it is only right that we both celebrate Mother's Day.  So she will be having her hair and nails done on the morning of May 14. I have already booked her salon appointment.

It seriously feels weird for me to enjoy Mother's Day while another mother is serving me and missing out on her own special day.

Or maybe I just think and feel so much.

How about you? What are your plans? 

Still hormonal and terribly missing all of you,



  1. Finally an update!! :) We miss you too!!! What a thoughtful gift for Yayay Anne. I'm sending my mom a handwritten card- I think the last time I wrote a card for her was during my elementary days pa, together with a box of her favorite goodies.
    Happy Mother's Day achi L! Hope you get to write more often na hehe. Sending my online love to baby girl!

    1. Heheheyyyyyy! I'm sure your mom will love that. Ano Ung mga favorite goodies ya!? Thanks as Bebe is okay. Kakatapos lang ng 2 hour babad eating and 40 min walking, we wil
      Now sleep