Thursday, 6 July 2017

(Belated) Happy Father's Day

Papa gave me a very tough training in life. I started working when I was 9 years old and I was constantly reprimanded when I didn't take work seriously. This instilled in me a work ethic that drives me to always deliver the best work. Although, this very same trait also makes me very intolerant of mistakes.
I have met many who are very rich and smart, yet they don't seem to take work seriously because they don't need to work. 
Papa said, when you feel anger, hatred and HUNGER...these are the greatest fuel to drive ambition to succeed and perseverance to work hard. 
He said, "Rarely will one aspire to succeed if one is happy and content with life. "That's what he believed in. 
So, when we graduated from school, papa said we have no place in our family business and we have to find our our purpose and build our own fortunes in life. He also took our credit cards and stopped our allowances. 
Without having anything to fall back on, I was forced to make something out of myself.
Without having an allowance, I learned how to budget. Without having a car, I learned to commute. Without having a fortune to inherit, I earned my own.
Some parents want their kids close because they expect their kids to take care of them in their old age. 
Papa wasn't like that.
He wanted us to be away from him so that when the time comes that the Lord will take him and mama, we will not be scared to face the world on our own.
As a parent, I realize that this mindset is very selfless. Ofcourse, I want to be with my daughter forever. But I learned that while this may be beneficial to me, it won't be for her. 
She needs to learn to survive. And survival is not a walk in the park. The fact that the entire theory of evolution is hinged on survival means it is a great undertaking.
So, to let me and Louie leave home to find our place in the perhaps the greatest and most selfless thing papa ever did. 
I used to wonder if he doesn't love us enough for him to let us all leave home. Louie was sent away when he was only 11 years old. 
But now, as I meet more people who have money but are clueless with their lives, I learned that papa did a great thing. 
Painful but great.
So papa, I know you are celebrating Father's Day in Iloilo alone . I want you to know that we are out here, living independently and making sure that everything we do will make you proud.

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