Wednesday, 7 September 2016


I'm sorry for my Leave of Absence. 

Apart from the fact that I've been very busy with the baby, my in-laws have discovered this blog/journal. 

They talked to my husband about it. I don't know why they made a fuss about some of the things I wrote, after all they were true and my husband read all of those entries. He usually reads my posts for proofreading  before I press "publish."

 After that "talk" they had with him, I lost interest in writing because I don't want to filter my thoughts. I'm already very far from my friends. I only express my thoughts and feelings in this blog. If I can't write freely ...then what's the point. I also deleted (but saved) some of the posts that they found hurtful. I don't want to deal with issues. I have no energy and time for it.

Actually, if they want to know what I think, they can just ask me. I don't understand the need to go through my posts and make assumptions. 

So much for being incognito...



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  1. Aw I'd be so sad if you stopped blogging. Maybe your in-laws are just wary of the unknown. They're worrying too much and making it out to be a bigger deal than it really is. I read She's Fil-Chi, owns the Ford EDSA dealership, very open on her blog yet blogging doesn't seem to have negatively impacted her. Maybe learning about OMB will persuade them that blogging's harmless.